How Do I Know if I Suffer From Depression?

Question by 117: How do I know if I suffer from depression?
I’m male, 18 and I don’t know if I’m “depressed” or not.

A lot of times (almost every day) I find myself feeling bored of my lonely life. I also suffer from low-self esteem. Sometimes I cry, which only happens when the pressures of life are too much for me. I have my ups and downs each day. The girl I have a crush on sometimes talks to me and at other times ignores me, which puts me in a insecure mood. I always feel like I’m not good enough and throughout most of my childhood and early teenage, I’ve been made fun of, left out of activities at school and ostracized in some ways.

I think a part of my insecurity stems from my parents. I’m still to this day ashamed of my parents due to their conflicting relationship. I’ve grew up in a dysfunctional household. Mom and dad would argue and bicker angrily almost every day and I would simply try to ignore and pass it off as nothing. Their bickering has subsided a bit but it’s still there. I’ve never wanted to have people over due to my parents constantly arguing. It’s like I wanted to avoid the pity of others.

Also, I could never quite fit in with my classmates. They all seem to have their own fixed social bubbles that I’m not a part of and when I make the effort to fit in, they seemingly reject me as if they don’t want me. I’ve known some of them for years and yet I’m still like an outsider. Rarely am I invited to go somewhere. It’s gotten to the point where I ask myself each time, “Why are you interested in hanging out with me” on those few occasions that I am invited, due to the years of being alone . It also doesn’t help that some people have teased me of being asocial and friendless.

I struggle with these kinds of emotions everyday. Feelings of loneliness, of not belonging anywhere, of not fitting in with anybody. Yet everyday I try to keep a positive attitude and regardless I smile and laugh. I’m not quiet by any means, I can be loud and I can talk to people without seeming awkward yet I’m unable to make friends in the long run. I do have acquaintances at school and a couple of casual friends (if you catch my drift) but as I’ve stated before, it’s superficial and mostly based off of casual conversations. I’m currently trying to improve my self image by working out. Hopefully that might do something for me.

About my “depression”, I don’t know whether or not I suffer from depression. As I’ve stated before, I have my ups and downs each day. I’m depressed one day yet I can laugh the next day. I’m confused as to whether or not I feel depressed.

So am I depressed?

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Answer by maryhadameltdown
It is very possible you could be, but you should consult your doctor to really find out. Even visiting a therapist might help you gain more confidence and increase your self-esteem. Your positive attitude is amazing though, don’t lose that. And good luck to your workout regime!
Don’t ever forget that you are special and that you deserve happiness. Best wishes!

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