How Do I Get Rid of Stomach Worms or Parasites in My Stomach?

Question by Jasmine T: how do i get rid of stomach worms or parasites in my stomach?
i think i have stomach worms or some kind of parasite because…

i am really skinny (dont worry i eat a lot, no eating disorders here)
my stomach constantly hurts
i feel an itchy feeling inside my stomach

if for some reason i do have stomach worms or whatever…what home remedies can i do? i dont want to here, “go to the docter or seek medical help” because i am not able to do that at the moment. so home remedies only please.

Best answer:

Answer by Bronwen
Unfortunately, there are no home remedies for getting rid of intestinal worms and parasites.

The treatments are all with prescription drugs, so you have to see a doctor.

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