How Do I Get Over My Depression?

Question by Chicago Bulls 17-5: how do i get over my depression?
does anyone have any like home remedies for depression? It’s been going on for a few years now, ive been in denial that i am depressed for the past few years, but just recently realized, i fit the syptoms to a T. im not gunna go to the doctors to pay for him to tell me what i already know, and the “anti-depression” pills i think are just a placebo, so im not gunna get medication for it. There has to be a way on my own to get out of my depression. Anyone know of any ways? it’s gotten real bad these last 6 months.

Best answer:

Answer by Bon
Help others.
See if you find happiness in making others happy.

not kidding at all im fully serious.
those who think i am prove the need for helping others.

it definitely has helped me.

Answer by Zachary
many doctors say that there is no way out of depression alone. and i personally think that is just for their businesses. unless the person is going suicidal. but the best thing to do is to always think of good things. and be active. my friend has depression and he takes medication too, but by my observations he seems to be alot happier when hes doing things whether it is work, school, or just chillen with friends.

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