How Do I Get My Mom to Understand That My Insomnia Is a Serious Problem?

Question by Lani: How do I get my mom to understand that my insomnia is a serious problem?
I have really bad insomnia. It comes with depression and anxiety and all the other blessings bestowed upon me. I told my mom about my insomnia and she just tells me I should t watch so much tv/ play on my phone/ read so many books/ whatever she saw me doing that day. She doesn’t seem to think that it’s a problem. I’ve been up for 25 hrs now and I Can. Not. Sleep. I cleaned the entire kitchen to pass the time, so maybe she’ll be in a good mood so I can talk about it? Or what if she thinks “hmm if she cleans when she can’t sleep maybe I shouldn’t get her help”? Idk I may be paranoid. What do I do to convince her my insomnia is a serious problem?

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Answer by Departed
Play basketball in the living room at 3am

Answer by Jacob
Wait until you completely bomb your next school assessment and then make sure she pays attention, or take a bet, go to the doctor and if it’s a problem then you win, if its not then you have to tidy up for a week, something like that, or just have a sit down and tell her that you are really concerned.

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