How Do I Get Family to Understand Im Depressed?

Question by footballnance1: How do I get family to understand im depressed?
I have been depressed for many years, I’m 17 years old. I don’t evver remember being happy. My mom gets mad at me because I don’t have a job and I couldnt stay in school, I want to get a job…..but I just cant handle the pressure, it seems hopeless. I don’t know what to do, I feel like im worthless, just a burden to my family but i dont know how to crawl out of this depression. Any ideas on how to explain the way I feel to my family would be appreciated.
I am on Zoloft 100mg right now, and I have tried to talk with my mom about the depression, but she believes that I’m just lazy, and don’t want to do anything. I’ve tried talking w/professionals, but they just piss me off with all of their assumptions.
I live in a small town and these advice groups are…..scarce at best, if there is one, I don’t know of it.

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Answer by timeneversleeps_77
P R O Z A C.

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