How Do I Fix My Lawn? It Has Numerous Problems:?

Question by Kate A: How do I fix my lawn? It has numerous problems:?
Last summer, moles devastated it. The lawn has numerous holes and bare spots and it is really soft underneath. You walk on it, and it feels like you are sinking. How do we fix this?

Also, a couple of years ago, we redid the whole lawn (roter tilled, new soil, new seed). But we did not do a good job. The lawn is not flat and is uneven with lots of bumps. How can we fix this?

I am looking for creative solutions. We do not really have the resources to redo the lawn again at this time. I just want it to be safe for the kids to run around in the summer.


Best answer:

Answer by Thomas S
Till it up and reseed is the best. Once it is tilled up some I drag like a weighted drag behind my mower.

Answer by JOHN F N
You can use a tiller to uproot the grass in the areas you want to fix. After that smooth out the area with a rake and re-seed or lay down sod, keeping it wet until it takes.
This is an inexpensive way to fix it.
As for the moles, fill the holes with gravel and wet it with vinegar. This will discourage them from moving in again.


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