How Do I Deal With GID Depression?

Question by L Cronok: How do I deal with GID depression?
I’m an FTM transsexual (pre everything) I pass pretty well. I was told I can’t get help with my gender identity disorder until I deal with my depression (caused by my gender identity disorder) How can I deal with it without gender therapy or stuff?
I am 200 miles away from the nearest support group. My psychiatrist said that. She has no license in gender identity disorder, but my parents believe her.

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Answer by Clones Don’t Have 200k Pts
You said: “I was told I can’t get help with my gender identity disorder until I deal with my depression”

Who told you that? The depression has it’s roots in being transexual. They should treat that and the depression will go away on it’s own.

Have you tried online support groups like:

Laura’s also has a suicide/crisis chat room and hotline just for trans people; use it if you need it.

Any 3D support groups near you?

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