How Do I Deal With Airplane Anxiety?

Question by AllSmiles: How do i deal with airplane anxiety?
I’m 18 and I’ve never flown by myself. I’ve flown overseas and places without my parents, but in big groups with chaperones. Now, I’m by myself.

Should i be worried?
How do I get over my fear of being by myself?

Best answer:

Answer by Y
There is nothing to worry about. I am the same way.

Maybe if you got your hands on something called Xanax, you won’t get anxiety. But hey, its only a temporary solution.

DONT ask your doctor for Thorazine. Ask for a Benzo.

Answer by John
You shouldn’t be worried but you have a right to be. But i agree maybe talk to a doctor and get some Xanax or any kind of benzo. just to avoid the socially awkward position of boarding a plane by yourself the first time. After that you will see its nothing and you probably wont need them after that.

If you are worried about the doctor not giving them to you tell him you have a fear of flying and have uncontrollable panic attacks and this trip is important to you

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