How Do I Cope With Depression and Stress?

Question by Cameo: How do I cope with depression and stress?
I really do believe that I am in a depression right now. My life hasn’t really been easy the last couple of weeks, and I don’t do well under stress. I have been so stressed out. Im not as jolly as I was, and I just don’t feel myself anymore. I don’t have anyone to talk to, and I just feel like I have no one. I feel like Im all alone. What are some ways to cope with this? I really want to feel happy again.

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Answer by Vanessa D
See your Dr, speak to them about how you are feeling. Get some professional counselling and try to re-prioritise your goals so that you focus on your well being. Exercise helps too
Good luck

Answer by chase
Accomplish a small goal and you will start to feel better.

depression comes from a lack of completing something

take care of something that needs to be taken care of. that is to say complete a cycle from start to finish. or stop the thing that is not working for you.

do something about it

taking anti depressant do nothing but make you depressed

Pharmaceutical companies even tell us that

by taking them, you may have thoughts of suicide. never take meds/drugs

you just have to getup and do things. anything

god luck

Coping with Depression (trailer)
Trailer for a film I made at Bucks New University.



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