How Do I Convince My Mom to Let Me Smoke Weed?

Question by Chris: How do I convince my mom to let me smoke weed?
What would be the best way to get my mother’s “O.K.” for going out and smoking weed?
Here’s a little background:
I have been diagnosed with major depression (Major was his exact word) and anxiety disorder, and I feel that marijuana would help ease this
I was going to use medical marijuana as an argument, but it was shot down pretty recently in my state (Iowa)
I am in no way a “pot head” as I’ve only smoked a few times, however, when I do (if I do) I will actually laugh and feel happy (I know, that’s really cheesy)

I know this post makes me seem like I’m illiterate and 10 years old (at least it does to me) so let the hate commence

Also, if anymore information is needed I’ll be more than happy to provide it

I am already taking anti-depressants and they don’t work what-so-ever

I have already talked to her about this and her only argument was it being illegal
Also, I don’t wish to smoke, and pardon my french, “all day, everyday” (The french thing was a joke)
I would totally love to fill my time with things I enjoy, but as it may be, I don’t really enjoy anything
I spend most of my time on the computer, usually listening to music (Very upbeat and happy music, mind you (like Dubstep)) and I do that just to pass the time
I currently loathe spending time with friends so that isn’t really an option
@It’s Common Sense
I feel that the only reason you suggested that site is for self-promotion, but anyway, I don’t drink soft drinks, I drink tea mostly, if not milk

Best answer:

Answer by Rusty Plastic
You don’t. You don’t try to convince your mom (or anyone) to let you do something illegal. By your post it is apparent that marijuana is illegal where you live. You trying to convince her to let you use marijuana would be like you trying to convince her to let you vandalize the neighbour’s yard. It being illegal is the only argument she needs since it is completely valid, and any argument you present to the contrary doesn’t remove it in any way.

Answer by Elizabeth Elizabeth
Dude, don’t tell her just do it. Your a teenager and you can disobey your parents sometimes. I mean especially scince your having depression and stuff i think thatif your sure that this is the life style chouce you make for yourself you should do it . But just think if this will effect you in the future. But as for asking her agian, i wouldn’t try it. My personal opinion.JS

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