How Do Counsellors and Phyciatrists Treat Eating Disorders?

Question by Sophie J: How do counsellors and phyciatrists treat eating disorders?
I recently admitted to my family and friends about my eating habits and I’ve been diagnosed with bulimia. My doctor is sending me to a phyciatrist but because of my age (15) I have to go with my parents. I am also going to be seeing a counsellor in school this week. I was just wondering what they will ask and what will happen next?

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Answer by TweetyBird
Click on the link below. This will prepare you for what you might expect.…/bulimia-nervosa-treatment-overview

Answer by babylove
hello. well, because you are 15 your parents will come with you to the phyciatrist;however, you do not have to have them with you during your sessions. You want to be able to open up to your physciatrist and explain everything you have been keeping inside…the most important thing is BE HONEST. It will do you no good to spend all the time and money to see a pshyciatrist to only lie to them too. A psychiatrist can also prescribe medicine in case you are in need of it for depression. I don’t recommend you taking it, but you may need it to start off with, and then as you build back your self-esteem you will be able to slowly get off of the medicine. I wouldn’t be a bad idea to, once you feel comfortable, have your parents sit in on a session at the pych. Not to be spectators, but to talk to them about things you weren’t telling them. You should be able to feel safe in that environment and you will be surprised how willing they are to listen and open up to you.
I am deeply sorry for your current health issue. Bulimia can become a lifelong habit and can easily control you even though you think you are in control of it…I will pray for you and that your counselling sessions help you to overcome this battle.

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