How Did the Democratic Congress Create the Great Recession?

Question by : How did the Democratic Congress create the Great Recession?
The Great Recession officially started in December 2007.

Democrats took control on January 4, 2007. Conservative posters on this site repeatedly claim that this Democratic Congress “caused” the Great Recession.

Please tell me what the Democrats did or didn’t do between January and December 2007 to cause the deepest recession since the Depression.

What bill did they pass, and why didn’t Bush veto it?

What bill should they have passed, and why didn’t Bush recommend it, using the power of his bully pulpit?

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Answer by Martel
I don’t know. If they’re right they’ll provided links to bills from government websites with signatures, articles, etc.

We shall see.

Answer by Mr. Wolf ©
This past recession started at the end of 2007 and the circumstances that created it was years in the making long before that under a Republican controlled congress and a Republican President. So them saying it happen because the Democrats took control of congress is nothing but foolish Republican rhetoric.


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