How Come No One Finds It Funny When You Joke About Hard Drugs Like Meth or Heroin?

Question by Barack McClinton: How come no one finds it funny when you joke about hard drugs like meth or heroin?
Pot jokes are kind of corny and everyone agrees. And most people can appreaciate a cocaine joke as long as it has context.

But if you make a random joke about meth, people are angry about it. Why should be we feel sorry or feel sensititve about drug “addiction”?

And don’t tell me I don’t know. The police threw me in a “weed rehab” when I was a teenager.

Best answer:

Answer by MissChe25
look.. ya got me.. me AND my kids “crack” up (pun DEFINATELY intended) about their crack head daddy..

he started on drugs when my kids was 3 and 4.. and he just got off officially for “good” (just does weed and alcohol now) about 2 years ago.. which means for about 16 years he was the town crack head…lol.. we chuckle about the things he use to do while high all the time…lol

just thinking about it now is making me laff..

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