How Can You Trick the Scale?

Question by lexy: how can you trick the scale?
i need to make it look like im 4 or 5 pounds heavier on the scale wqith out gaining weight. how can i do this? do i put like 5 layers of clothes on and coins and rocks in my pocket or somethin? please help i dont want to go to a hospital. ok so im on vacation and in a bout a week im going back home and before i left i was struggling with an eating disorder but i really think im getting better. i mean now i eat breakfast lunch and dinner but idk. anyways so before i left i was 93 pounds and my mom didnt want me to lose more weight or she threatened to “put me in a hospital”! its so stupid. well over here i lost about 5 pounds and now im 88. i didnt do it intenitionally. i mean i didnt want to lose all this weight but im still not eating completely right but im getting there. so i need to know how to make it look like im 5 pounds heavier. im 13 and 5’3 so pleaz help!

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Answer by SubJ
Ur mom has no intention to act upon what she said.

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