How Can the “Depo Provera Shot” Causes “Depression?”?

Question by bitterSWEET!: How can the “Depo Provera Shot” causes “Depression?”?

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Answer by Holly
um…my guess is that it has something to do with the hormones…

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Depression Causes and Symptoms – There are many times in life when we feel depressed, but you should know there is a huge difference between being truly depressed and just having situational depression. When you are confronted with a death or hard times, you may feel sad for a while, but you will spring back after your grieving period. This is referred to as situational depression and is very common in life. However, if you are depressed for longer than a few weeks and there seems to be no reason, you may have to pay attention to the signs of depression to see if perhaps you need to seek help. The signs of depression aren?the same for everyone, but there are some common ones that you can look out for. If you find that you are feeling sad for no reason, and this lasts for longer than a few weeks, you may be depressed. Other signs of depression can be avoiding activities that once made you happy, wanting to spend a lot of time alone, and some people even have thoughts about ending their life. If you have any of these signs of depression you should see your doctor at once.


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