How Can Suicide Ever Occur in a World Where the Only Real Force Is the Will to Live?

Question by Third P: How can suicide ever occur in a world where the only real force is the will to live?
Thanks to all your answers. Have a great day! Kindly confine your answer in a philosophical context. I would very much appreciate it. Thanks.

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Answer by efw
That’s why its called or characterized as mental illness…..

Answer by Gee
The Will to live is hardly the only ‘real’ force. However, suicide is a mental illness and it occurs when a persons ability to be objective about their life and their situation becomes impaired. Profound sorrow and depression can also be involved when a person is suicidal. Rarely it can happen that a person can desire death when they have certain religious or cultural beliefs that persuade them to believe that an afterlife is awaiting them and that they will be in the company of ‘god’. And remember, people who are terminally ill, and experiencing severe pain may wish to die in order not to be in pain anymore.

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