How Can Someone With a Great Life and Backround Fall Into a “Clinical Depression”?

Question by teenytiny3245: How can someone with a great life and backround fall into a “clinical depression”?

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Chemical imbalance in the brain. There are drugs to correct that.

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How To Deal With Clinical Depression – Clinical depression may be caused by biological, psychological and social factors. The biological cause is often pointed since many people with this mental disorder respond well to treatment that increases certain monoamines in the pain. This shows that a lack of certain aspects in the biological aspects of the pain may have something to do with clinical depression. Psychological causes may also be the cause of this disorder because the state of mind of the individual is often affected by what happens to him emotionally and mentally. A person’s reaction to events can trigger clinical depression. Social factors of clinical depression include extreme poverty, mental and physical abuse, death in the family, divorce or separation are just a few of the things that may cause it. Some studies also include substance abuse and excessive alcohol intake as possible factors. These are not guarantees that everybody who experiences these are sure to have it. The right combination of biological, psychological and social factors may contribute to the disorder being present in an individual.


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