How Can I Treat With a Parkinson Desease Patient and Is There Any Defenite Cure for the Case ?

Question by bluesky: How can I treat with a parkinson desease patient and is there any defenite cure for the case ?

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Answer by miss.china.doll.
There is no cure. Physical exercise helps.

“Regular physical exercise and/or therapy are beneficial to the patient and essential for maintaining and improving mobility, flexibility, balance and a range of motion, and for a better resistance against many of the secondary symptoms and side effects. There is increasing evidence that exercise is both neuroprotective against the development of Parkinson’s disease, and also ameliorative of both severity of symptoms, and also possibly of progression. “Alternative” exercise modalities such as yoga, tai chi, and dance may also hold promise as rehabilitation therapies, due to their integration of movement, thought, feeling, and sensory experience. Exercise has also been shown to effectively improve mild-moderate/ depression.”

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