How Can I Tell if My Wife Is Bipolar?

Question by champ_benoit: How can I tell if my wife is bipolar?
She’s always been a little different but lately been acting
up a lot, had an affair with an internet stranger,
done a lot of reckless and thoughtless things, is prone to extreme mood swings. Lately has been threatening suicide and destruction. Fantasizes about somehow destroying me. Her doctor says she is just depressed and has her on a mild anti depressant. He will not come out with any diagnosis, and says that fixing the environment at home is all that she needs.

She has always been rather “different”, able to start on large tasks and abandon them with ease. She once had a very good job that she held for over a year that she left for no apparent reason.

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Answer by blewz4u
In Florida we have a the Baker Act for situations like this.

Here’s additional information on bipolar.

You wrote that she fantasizes about destroying you. That would have me really concerened. Get help fast.

Good Luck

Answer by Your_Star
It sounds like she is bipolar. Maybe he should give her some anti-psychotic meds.

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