How Can I Overcome Anxiety,Depression and Fear..?

Question by veryconfused: How can i overcome anxiety,depression and fear..?
ya sounds like alot to swallow..ive had a recent break up 5 months ago and that triggered the anxiety and i decided to go to school to better myself..move on get on with my im going to school to train in under water construction (commercial diver) they wont allow any medications so i got to beat this without meds but how? and my fear..ive been doing training dives..with no visability down there and i have no sense of direction down there and coming up soon there going to be blind folding me down there so i have to search blind for objects and complete tasks down there. the way they make you find things is by line pull signals..line pull signals are basically a rope tied to you..and they give a certian types of pulls to tel you where to go but im still scared to crap. and i need to over come this crap. any help?

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Answer by bob shark
Maybe this is the wrong job for you, because commercial diving is like this, like recovering bodies or vehicles from muddy rivers, or working in silty environments.

But if you really want to do this, go with the training, they won’t let anything happen to you, and practise will make you brave and be able to think on your feet underwater.

As for your break up, Get over it, you don’t need pills, you are just feeling sorry for yourself. You are trying to get on with life, so do it, put your energies into this course and forget the past,

Answer by Tulsa Time
I have had lots of serious problems with anxiety in the past. I tried to deal with it on my own for years. Eventually I got so sick and tired of it basically ruining every day of my life that I decided to seek treatment. My insurance took care of everything except prescription copays. I was going in to a Doctor about once a week on the start and all he would do is ask me how the meds were working. They weren’t treating my problem. They were just medicating it. Eventually I had to press for counseling after I learned that I would be on the meds for the rest of my life. I found that option highly unacceptable. It actually took some effort but I eventually got in with a good therapist who taught me how to untwist the way I thought about things. Anxiety disorders result when a person’s view of various situations becomes negatively incorrect. Anxiety and depression and fear are all caused by the same incorrect thought processes.

I quit taking my meds shortly after beginning counseling. The meds were a crutch for me that I felt I would become stronger if I stopped taking them. After completing my counseling I still have the potential to have anxiety but I know what the warning signs are and I know how to correct myself if I begin a pattern of negative thinking. The end result is that I am a much better person now and I don’t have to take the medications with their multiple side effects. I was pretty disappointed with the Doctors who thought medication was the ONLY way to go. That was a load of BS. They must have been working for the pharmaceautical companay. I hope this helps point you in the right direction. God Bless

BTW Don’t ake advice on this subject from people who apparantly know nothing about it. You can do this job if you want to. It may just be the perfect job for someone with anxiety. Beating anxiety is all about overcoming fear. I’m sure that every diver has anxiety before they dive. “Anxiety” is not a disorder. “Anxiety Disorder” is a disorder.

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