How Can I Help My Husband With His Depression?

Question by Hidden Mickey: How can I help my husband with his depression?
We have been married for 3 years and we have 4 children between us. We both work and have great lives. But every once in a while, he goes thru what he calls “bouts of depression”. I have never dealt with depression myself. So, it’s hard for me to fully understand. I have the mentality of “get over it”. Everything’s fine, smile, move on. But ultimately, I do understand it’s serious for him and that it’s not something he does on purpose. I have so much respect for him and am truly infatuated with him. He is a terrific, educated husband and father. But when the “bouts” come around, I feel helpless. He is quiet, keeps himself secluded and can literally cry like a baby. I feel like we are on eggshells and at any moment, it could all fall apart. It’s quite scary. Does anyone know what I can do? He wants no help, no medication, nothing. But I know we’ve got to do something. Another thing, they seem to come out of nowhere. I can’t tell what triggers it.

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Answer by beer_farts
get him to the Dr and get prozac

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