How Can I Get Rid of Most of My Pimples?

Question by MD: How can I get rid of most of my pimples?
I want to get rid of most of my pimples, in about 2 – 8 months, is this possible? I don’t care if it’s not removed competely , as long as most pimples are not there. Any suggestions, any tips, any experiences are welcome.

Thanks 🙂
I have tried Clean and Clear Morning cleanser, and it did not work,

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Answer by c162484
Make sure you wash your face as soon as you get up in the morning. Then mid day go and wash it again to remove any oils that have built up that will lead to pimples. And then again before you go to bed wash your face. Also use something called…OXY Maximum Acne Treatment… it works great on removing zits. Also some face washes can make your face extremely dried out which is what causes pimples to not be able to exist. One face wash that doesn’t really dry out your face but still works amazingly well is …Clean & Clear Morning Burst Facial Cleanser…Wash your face in the morning and then rub the OXY acne medicine on your face and soon your pimples will start to disapear. So go out and spend a couple of bucks and trust me it’ll be well worth it in time. I wash my face three times a day with this stuff and use the OXY and my face is clear and pimple free. (BTW. the Morning Burst can be used all three times you wash) Good Luck!! Let me know if I helped.

Answer by Vasumathi N
take homeo medicine THUJA200 daily thrice and apply THUJA OINTMENT OVER THE PIMPLES for sometime and they will vanish


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