How Can I Get Out of ” Sadness and Depression”?

Question by Sakura: How can I get out of ” Sadness and Depression”?
I have break up with my boyfriend in January and since then I have been going through so much of mental depression and anxiety that I haven’t yet been able to get out of it. I always cry, and this has affected my health a lot as well. Most f the time I’m lost in some other world and this has made me very unmindful. I’m not able to concentrate on anything properly. I used to be a very cheerful person before. However, after this incident, I have got such a big mental shock that I haven’t been able to overcome it, and eversince, I’ve not been able to become the same me as I used to be. Can you suggest something that would be able to help me out?

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Answer by marie
only you can pull yourself out of this state of mind. Try going out with friends and remember there is a wonderful world with living.

Answer by soxpippa
im sorry you are feeling like that it must be awful. Belive it not talking to as amny people as you can about how you are felling helps, it gets it off your chest, and work through for yourself and find the answers you are looking for. Other people may feel this way too and in turn they may talk to you about thier prolems and feeling that you have helped (by listening) will lift your spirits. You will be fine.


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