How Can I Fix This Sentence?

Question by Shereese: How can I fix this sentence?
Hi! I am rewriting a part of my research paper for English, and I wanted to change the closing sentence to my paragraph. This is the sentence: “To truly understand an eating disorder, you must delve into the facts.” But, since it’s a research paper I don’t want to use the word “you”. Can you please try to reword this sentence so that it doesn’t seem like it’s in second person, but keep the same words? Much Appreciated 😀

P.S- If there are any grammatical errors or anything in the sentence feel free to correct it.
Much Appreciated 😀

P.P.S-I’m in 8th grade so try not to make a Harvard University statement. Thank you (:

Best answer:

Answer by Scott
One does not simply understand an eating disorder.

Answer by connor
To truly understand eating disorders, one must first experience them first hand: for example the eating disorders of men may very from those found in women, MY FATHER WAS ADDICTED TO COCAINE AND THE SMITHSONIAN!!!!! MMYYYYYYYY HAAAAAATT ISSSS BIIIIG ANNNND ONNNNN MYYYYY HEADDDDDD :ddddddd\’;DFHLJrplkgjna[erpjh{“po0fdaijhmb;lkaedobgl’ie

P.S: Do your homework properly don’t depend on the internet or you will get more people like ME!

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