How Can I Find Soboxen?

Question by liz21283: How can I find soboxen?
I have an opiate addiciton that has pretty much ruined my life ike all drugs do I cannot afford to take the time from work to recover.I have heard about a new medication out there and I had a friend who let me try one and it seemed to work.The thing is I cannot afford the cost of the doctors to have it prescribed for me.The name is soboxen.I am going thru a divorce and I cannot give up my daily life to go into rehab and this medication lets you go to work and complete your daily life without the physical withdrawals.I am looking for someplace that is willing to work with me financailly.Has anyone heard of this, and if they have does anyone know where I might be able to speak to a doctor about whether it is right for me?I truly believe it could help me, but again I cannot afford the upfront price that most dr.’s office have. I checked around and it is about $ 150 per appointment.I live in Volusia county,FL.If anyone know where I can go please help.If you need more info let me know.

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Sorry. Soboxen is a prescription drug and if you try to get it without a prescription, you’re just as bad off as you are right now.
Look in the yellow pages in your area for “free clinics” — I know Florida has them — I used to live there and heard about them all the time.

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