How Can I Fight Depression Without Taking Any Drugs?

Question by notsocute: How can I fight depression without taking any drugs?
I’m 19 and I’m depressed maybe this is due to the fact that I hardly talk at home and in school. It’s because firstly, I’m a loner and a paranoid.

I read a book that says something that goes “People who hardly talk might suffer from depression” an I felt that I fall into that category.

And often stay at home and stare the four corners of my bedroom due to the fact that I don’t what to talk about with my parents. I’m the only child by the way and I dont have any boyfriends. My friends were all busy with their everyday life and i don’t wish to trouble them.

Another thing that bothers me is my personality. I’m not myself anymore and I don’t know who I am anymore. I have dream in mind and I want to live that dreams I had. But my inner voice is killing me.

I seriously need help.

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Answer by Rajesh
Meditation and Yoga is the only solution to your problem. But you have to be very strong metally. Consult to some one whom you fee he can understand you well and also consult some book on yaoga and meditation instead of consulting an expert.

Answer by Flower Power
You need to talk to somebody before you self destruct!
You know you need help and that being so quiet and reserved is getting you dow so you must get out there and start enjoying yourself more.
Call your friends and have a laugh with them. Talk to your parents so they can help you with your emotional state.
If you keep your feelings bottled inside, you are harming no one but yourself.
Please take the steps towards improving your life. You are 19 and have the rest of your life ahead of you.
The worst thing you can do is look back at your life in 20years time and feel that you havent realy lived!
Good Luck!

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