How Can I Deal With My Depression?

Question by Lost: How can i deal with my depression?
i’ve been really depressed for a long time. and now that i’ve gained some weight it keeps getting worse and worse. where can i go to get help. how can i stop this depression and learn how to live life.

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Answer by Night Wind
Your doctor is a good place to start. He can place you on some form of anti depressant and it’s amazing after the initial 2 to 3 weeks, how improved your life becomes. He can also refer you to a good counselor who can help you sort through the problems so they cease to exist or become manageable. The one thing you can’t do successfully is get over it on your own without help. You made a great choice to ask and it’s awesome that you recognize the depression exists in your life. Best wishes to you.

Answer by lsnyder1234
See a doctor. I’m sure they could help.

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