How Can I Deal With a Rude Daughter at the Therapist?

Question by Jane: How can I deal with a rude daughter at the therapist?
My daughter is getting treated for an eating disorder. The first few sessions, she wore earphones under her hat. She barely participates and when she does she is arguing to get out of the session. She keeps calling the sessions “useless” and a “waste of time better spent studying”. This is getting very expensive. Outside of therapy, she is happy and generally well mannered but inside the office, she becomes very rude.

Best answer:

Answer by dizneygeek
Take away her iPod, computer (non-school), etc…… If she can’t be civil she doesn’t deserve anything like that. It would also remove the possibility of her listening on earphones.

Answer by Kait
She’s trying to tell you how she feels. She doesn’t want to go. You should try acknowledging her feelings saying something along the lines of “I see you feel talking to the therapist is a waste of time” or maybe even “Talking to a stranger about your eating disorder must be akward and uncomfortable, how can I make the process easier because I worry about you and want you to be happy.” (I would probably go with the second one.) Children speak in codes and they expect you to be able to read into them, by showing you understand you will open up the conversation for less difficult codes. Try reading “Between Parent and Child” by Haim Ginott AMAZING book.

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