How Can I Cure My Fringetail Goldfish?

Question by Sadie: How can i cure my fringetail goldfish?
my fringetail goldfish has sunk to the bottom of the fish tank. He looks as if hes dead but he moves occasionally, only to move positions. He is about 3 years old. He was healthy a few months ago but now he has gotten worse. I know it can be swim bladder infection, but i dont know what to do with him. I have three other fish in the same tank, all are fringetails. They’re all healthy except for this one, please help me, i dont want him to die…

thanks a bunch xx

Best answer:

Answer by Grace J
You better move the others out a there. Or they might get infected
also. Give him special treatment and make sure he eats. This might work for the swim bladder. “swim bladder disorder” This breeder says starve the fish for 3-4 days. It said that that will make improvement. So try the idea. Hope this works or helps.

Answer by pyle221
Ok this assumes you’ve got about $ 30-$ 50 dollars you are willing to spend or already have the materials. Start a 10 gallon hospital tank. 10 gallon tanks are usually dirt cheap at any pet store. You won’t need a hood or lights but you will need an air pump. Substrate also not necessary. Get some Maracyn and Maracyn II. Do a 5 day treatment with daily water changes adding 1 Tblsp of aquarium salt for every gallon of water. I would change 100% of the water every day as you won’t need to protect any biological filters. I saved a Betta doing this exact treatment in a 1 gallon bucket who had popeye so bad it looked like a Black Moor and swim bladder infection to the point where it could only swim in loopdy-loops. She never swam perfect again but lived another full year.

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