How Can I Calm Myself When in a Suicidal Mood?

Question by Helga: How can I calm myself when in a suicidal mood?
I get in moods where I just want to rip myself to pieces, or take every pill in the cupboard. I have no ways of calming down or taking my mind away from it. I have a friend who stays up all night to text me, trying to calm me, it often works quite well but I really don’t want to depend on her so much because it upsets her.
I can’t calm myself, what can I do to try?

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Answer by sweet-talker
You sound very life the way I used to feel. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and am on some powerful meds that have saved my life. I would suggest talking to your doctor about the possibility of bipolar disorder and see if she can refer you to a psychiatrist who can prescribe some medicine to make you feel better.

Good Luck

Answer by Hannah L
I know this probably sounds really sick, but it’s almost a relief to know I’m not the only one who’s ever felt like this. I feel like that right now, except I don’t have any friends who would do that for me. You can try writing down how you feel, like pretend to write a letter to your friend, just don’t send it. You could write poetry or stories about how you feel, or you could go online and e-mail with a depression internet “hotline”. You could try seeing a psychologist to talk about why you feel this way, and possibly see a doctor for medication. Many psychologists will give you a number you can call in emergencies like this. You could watch a movie to distract yourself or take a shower…and leave the razors outside of the bathroom. You can try reminding yourself that this feeling will pass, and try to understand why you are so upset, and you might find that realizing the world isn’t about to come crashing down might help.

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