How Can I Battle Depression Without Medication?

Question by ARMY Gal: How can I battle depression without medication?
I eat healthy and exercise everyday.
I have a therapist who helps, but I am still bad.
She tells me it’s “environmental depression” rather than “chemical depression”, because I am happy sometimes. (Meaning its this city and my family…)
I live in a really dysfunctional family and HATE being home.
I just don’t know how to get through the next year when I’ll turn 18.

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Answer by Atheist kitty
Here is a list of herbs that help depression:

Answer by molly
You can’t.


Living with Depression Through the Years – Pictures mentioned in the video: Facebook: Twitter: Fitbit Group: Blogger: – The push ups ups/chin ups/squats/running programs I am using – push ups/squats – sits ups – chin ups – running book (beginners starting to walk to marathon runners) –