How Are People Anorexic?

Question by Linny: How are people anorexic?
Why do people say it’s a health problem when people can choose to eat or not to eat? It makes no sense to me! Can someone explain to me how anorexia works?

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Answer by secret
Being anorexic is a health problem because a person whos anorexic isn’t getting the proper nutrients they deserve. Sure people can decide whether to eat or not but anorexic people don’t like eating at all since they find food in general disgusting.

Answer by Nadia
It is a mental illness. Those with eating disorders are not in control. The eating disorder takes over. It is not that they could choose to eat or not to eat. They feel like they have to not eat, purge their food, over-exercise, etc. It is a form of control. They feel like they are in control of their life but they are controlled by a mental illness, which is not their fault. They can choose to recover but a lot of suffers are in denial there is a problem so it is hard for them to see what they are actually doing to themselves.

I have an eating disorder Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (EDNOS) and sometimes even if I am really hungry I won’t eat because I am so afraid of gaining weight because to me being bigger means being not good enough. Other times I’ll binge because I am trying to stuff my feelings down with food. I am not in control. If my head thought I shouldn’t eat and I try to eat it is an endless cycle of self-hatred that comes out of nowhere and spirals out of control. I can choose to get better. I am not sure I want to fully yet or not but I am in “recovery”. It is really hard to eat more when my brain is yelling ‘no’ or to stop myself when my brain just wants to eat a lot of junk food. But I am trying to get better.

Recovery is much more than a behavioral thing. It is not only getting someone to eat but finding out the reasons behind their eating disorder and working on the mental aspect.

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