How and Where Do I Get Help for an Eating Disorder?

Question by Peachy: How and where do I get help for an eating disorder?
I’ve had binge eating disorder for 3 years now, and I’m done. It’s only getting worse and I need help. Where do I go for help and how much would it cost? Also how do I do this without my parents finding out (I’m 18, going to college in the fall). My parents absolutely can’t know, I’d rather keep living with my disorder than telling them, so please don’t suggest anything of the sort.

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Answer by Gabriel
Since you’re eighteen, there is no reason for them to have to know: you are a legal adult, and you have the right to medical confidentiality.

The college you will be going to will have counselors who are familiar with eating disorders. They’re very common in students, and they should be able to help you or point you to help in your area.

The link I included is meant to be completely anonymous aside from the name you tell the people at the group (you can make up a new name, use your middle name, or do anything you want in that regard). They have regular online meetings, which might be easier for you to attend without anyone knowing.

There are a lot of online resources. Just be careful: there are a lot of pro-ED sites now.

I recovered mostly on my own, but I don’t recommend that (I couldn’t find online help back then and I was prevented from seeking treatment at a center or with a therapist, even though I badly needed it). Having people to support you is the best way to actually get SUCCESSFUL help.

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