How Am I Supposed to Explain This?

Question by missbmw2930: How am I supposed to Explain this?
I walked out of my office as I was hearing my boss and team mates saying I was going to be sacked!!
I suffer from depression .Does this cause “voices”..How do I tell whether Im hearing things for real or not?

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Answer by novdeep a
you will just to ask them man.dont think to harshly.

Answer by Lotus
Either you did hear something, or you heard only a few words and interpreted it in the worst possible way because you already have negative expectations. You probably thought about it over and over, so now you don’t remember what you actually heard. It’s called rumination.

Ruminating negative thoughts is focusing on a negative emotion. The negative emotion fuels the negative thoughts, and it’s not constructive. Try positive thinking instead. Keep yourself busy to avoid dwelling. You’ll feel better.

Is the glass half empty or half full? It’s up to you. There is no reality, just perception.


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