Homeless Single Mommy to Be Needs Help?

Question by Nicole: Homeless single mommy to be needs help?
Well, I work full time but only make around 1000 per month. I don’t have the best credit so its hard to finda landlord that will rent to me in my area. I live in santa clara county, california. Because I can’t find anyone to rent to me, I have been living in my truck for about a year now and just foundout that I’m 2 month pregnant. Does anyone know of ANY assistance that I can get?? The county won’t even give me food stamps because they say I make too much?!?!? Please help me!!! I don’t want to have to raise a baby in my truck!!!! 🙁 🙁 🙁 and please people don’t be rude!! I understand I should have been on some sort of birth controll but I wasn’t and now I need help!!! Dad is nowhere to be found and I’m not sure that what I knew him as was even his real name so I got nothing there.

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Answer by Paul
Am far away in kenya i wish you were around, i would have help alot. Any help line ?

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well , why dont you try getting foods stamps, welfare, a second job . Or try sharing your story to some people and they might can help you out. & what about family or friends or the people you work with. Try getting a loan from your job and when youre not doing these things PRAY ! im sure you will get out of your situation some how. just keep your head up ?

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