Holistic Approaches to Chronic Disease

Holistic approaches to chronic disease
It was hard to focus and I suffered mental fogging, depression, and anxiety. I exhausted my sick days because working was nearly impossible. Although the treatment did not work, going through this ordeal allowed me to learn about the benefits of taking … Read more on RDH

Here's the real unemployment rate
Williams' ShadowStats Alternative unemployment rate includes “long-term discouraged workers,” a category the Bureau of Labor Statistics removed in 1994, under the Clinton administration, from the government's unemployment measures. The BLS publishes … Read more on WND.com

GOP Rep. Steve King: Global warming is a religion
Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King told a crowd in Fort Dodge that global warming was more “religion” than actual science. “It is not proven, it's not science. It's more of a religion than a science,” King said while on the “Bruce Braley Big Government … Read more on Daily Caller