Holiday Depression and How to Cope With It

Holiday Depression And How To Cope With It
There are ways to prioritize your holiday to prevent depression. Mayo Clinic said it all starts with acknowledging your feelings. Having a support system, setting a budget, lowering expectations and planning ahead can also help eliminate the holiday … Read more on KPTM-TV

Homeless story; Help for cats; Depression; BEN Column, Nov. 21, update 2
We know a homeless man who lived inside a tent in the woods in Bridgeton for seven years. All year long. Know he wouldn't except help? Because he would have had to give up drinking. Somebody finally got him an apartment, so he died with some respect. Read more on

Rejection sensitivity differentiates unipolar, bipolar depression
Asking about heightened rejection sensitivity during a depressive episode may help physicians to identify patients with underlying bipolarity, say researchers. The team found that rejection sensitivity was common in patients with unipolar and bipolar … Read more on