Hoarders Burried Alive


Hoarders burried alive – This is a property in Massachusetts that is in danger of being condemded if its not cleaned out. Dave got hasseled for his place well he has nothing on the condition of this place Im only showing 2 rooms now will put up updates as its cleaned. Its a shame people live like this. But its a family member who has depression and a major hoarding problem. So I got a few friends together to clean it up Ihave a bad shoulder so I cant do much but help sort papers. In 2 days there was well over 120 trashbags removed from the kitchen and living room alone!! this house has 8 rooms 1 bath a huge cellar and attic all of which must be cleaned out. R&B Trash Removal a company I own is in the process of cleaning it out and will do major renovations to this dwelling. we are in northern Ma and can be reached at [email protected] if you need assistance in cleaning out a home. or private message me for a FREE estimate.


The Saturdays' Frankie Sandford rehab

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Frankie was checked into rehab for depression in 2011 and leaving the UK to film the show in the States sees her hit another low. She is filmed crying alone in her bedroom and talks to the camera about her battle with mental health problems in the past.
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Mindy McCready's boyfriend dead from self-inflicted gunshot wound

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According to her website, she suffers from severe depression. McCready fought … During the TV show "Celebrity Rehab 3" in 2010, McCready came off as a sympathetic figure, and host Dr. Drew Pinsky called her an angel in the season finale. The …
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