History Exam Tomorrow ~ How Would You Answer These Essay Questions?

Question by : History exam tomorrow ~ how would you answer these essay questions?
*Discuss in detail the “battle” between traditional cultural values  and the new values of the 1920’s. How did technology play a part in the struggle?

*The period between the two wars has been described as the “Age of Anxiety” (nervousness). Why was this the case and how did these anxious feelings manifest?

What should I include in my answer in each of these questions in order to get the most amount of points? Thank you very much

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Answer by Inco

Regarding the Age of Anxiety:

World War One had brought unprecedented destruction to the world and the Treaty of Versailles, which Woodrow Wilson had envisioned as the instrument of permanent peace, created more problems than it solved. The harsh treatment of Germany, the failure to resolve colonial claims of the Allied powers, and the political upheaval which had begun in Russia but soon spread to other nations together with a massive worldwide economic depression led waste to established values and caused cultural transformations and abandonment of traditional ideas on a scale never before seen. Belief in the superiority of European social and political institutions crumbled while bold new cultural paths emerged. Even the belief in Newtonian physics, considered immutable, was soon challenged.

Uncertainty and Change in the Postwar World: The Great War had been enthusiastically supported by European and American intellectuals, who saw it as a great adventure. The harsh realities of the war left them disillusioned about war and human nature itself. The result was a feeling of despair and fatalism. A number of American writers, such as T.S. Eliot and Ernest Hemingway, left America for Europe where they expressed their revulsion with the war in their work. Their disillusionment was so great that Gertrude Stein, also an American author once remarked to Ernest Hemingway, “All you young people who fought in the war; you are a lost generation. The phrase lost generation came to describe all these writers, famous for such works as Hemingway’s A Farewell to Arms, and The Sun Also Rises. Among the more famous European writers was Erich Maria Remarque, who wrote All Quiet on the Western Front.

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