Heroin Epidemic Difficult Challenge

Heroin epidemic difficult challenge
“At some level, we need to help them deal with their anxiety and depression and give them the tools to move forward … in life's reality,” he said. Klomberg said that most of the panelists at the front tables came from law enforcement, but a one … Read more on Daily Union

Tackling poor treatment compliance rates
Routine and social support played key roles in medication compliance, as did emotion, with depressed patients less likely to take their medications, he reported. Cognitive factors were also key; what … Prescribing guidance is also hugely important in … Read more on Irish Medical Times

Home News Inaugural Lions Walk sets sights on stigma of…
Mental illness is a disease with many treatment options, said Rohan Ganguli, keynote speaker and senior scientist with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. “The stigma behind mental illness is persistent, people recoil and become uncomfortable,” Mr. Read more on YorkRegion.com

Too young for medical devices?, • Middle-age Americans are rejecting that idea
Researchers are exploring electrical stimulation to treat epilepsy, obsessive-compulsive disorder and severe depression for those who have not responded to medication. … For others who seek greater range of motion, artificial discs may be the best … Read more on Bend Bulletin