Here, but Not Doing So Great…!


Here, but not doing so great…! – i know i don’t make much sense… just a few thought about where i am now and the idea of going into treatment as inpatient…?!


Simultaneous Treatment Effective for OCD, Eating Disorders

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A diagnosis of OCD together with an eating disorder was present in study participants (n = 56) who lived in a residential treatment program. In addition to ERP focused both OCD and the eating disorder, patients also received a supervised eating plan, …
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To be loved & back

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If you are convinced that your girlfriend's dieting is unhealthy and there is a persistent obsession about weight and body image, she could be heading towards serious eating disorder – anorexia. Please read some online resource on anorexia. Most often …
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Internet CBT not superior to conventional therapy

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The greatest improvement was reported after four months, with a continued reduction in eating disorder symptomatology reported at months seven and 18. After 18 months, 14.6 per cent (n = 7 out of 48) of the participants in the internet-based guided …
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