Help With Depression in Easy English

Help with Depression in Easy English



Playing nice can stave off depression
Positive social interactions with friends and family, and involvement in youth programs can keep depression at bay. It can also help with performance in school, according to University of Georgia researchers. Researchers analyzed a data set of more … Read more on Atlanta Business Chronicle (blog)

Novel Technology May Help New Mothers Avoid the Despair of Postpartum
If this disruption continues night after night, the loss of sleep and the disruption of the circadian rhythm may lead to depression. In 2001 it was discovered that not all colors of light suppress melatonin and reset the circadian clock. It is … Read more on PR Web (press release)

Help for those who are helping other seniors
When we see a loved one or friend suffering in a state of depression our heart breaks for them and we desperately desire to offer help. However, unless we're prepared, and understand the weight associated with the negativity of depression, we may get … Read more on Bremerton Patriot