HELP!: What Do I Do About My Friend!?!! Plz Read Everything 10 Points for Best Anwser!!?

Question by Destiny Babe: HELP!: What Do I Do About My Friend!?!! plz read everything 10 points for best anwser!!?
I have this friend and I like her as a friend but she always hasn’t been the bestest friend ever but either have I in the past but I think I’ve gotten a lot better. She’s also one year younger than me so since she’s younger I feel like maybe it’s not that bad that she acts like she does because she has to grow up a lot. (So do I but I think I pretty mature when it comes down to it for a 15yr old)

This is what she’s done thats kind of annoyed me:

I txted her because I was really upset and not feeling well and In a bad mood and I kind of wanted to talk to her and laugh about something to take my mind of it so i asked if I could call her and told her I was upset. She never replied. (I cheered myself up so I didn’t really care much) so I tweeted her the next day and asked why she didn’t txted back and she said “I stopped txting everybody at that time. Plus I was tired and watching Drop Dead Diva” I mean, If she txted me she was upset I would of txted her back and found a way to call her even if it met being tired for school or getting in trouble. Because I care about her as a friend.

I saw she tweeted something about getting all of our group of friends together and going to 6 Flags in August. I don’t know if I could even go but she didn’t even ask me to go.

She’s friends with a bunch of people that hate me. She should be friends with people that she wants but I wouldn’t take people who I know hate her and befriend them just because of the fact that I think it’s a little two faced.

On Facebook she’s always commenting on girls in our groups pictures “Your so beautiful and skinny” which pissed me off so much! A lot of the girls in our group having low self esteem and eating problems. She’s really public about her eating disorder and shes like “We can work thru this” but thats SO fake because she is pro ED (eating disorder) and likes her eating disorder! I struggled with low self esteem and I did some bad stuff like starving myself and still do so when I read that stuff it pissed me off. Being skinny isn’t the most important thing in the world she thinks she’s helping them by telling them their skinny but she’s not and when other girls read it then its going to make them feel fat.

I don’t want to stop being her friend but how do I stop caring or being upset over the things she does. Even when I try to not care I still do and deep down I know its bothering me. I’m thinking of talking to more girls in our group? Just the nice ones. WHAT DO I DO? Am I being a bitch? Isn’t she a bad friend? What would you do if It were you?

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Answer by Asker of Questions
Perhaps this may prove of use: You can only be to a person what that person wants you to be for them. Be a good friend, but also realize that you can only control how you act and how you respond. It’s upsetting when friends are self-absorbed and make ill-advised decisions, but they have to live their own lives just as you have to live yours.

Answer by Chachi Conejo
wow she’s a terrible friend and she’s the ***** here not you and what i would do if i were you
well 1.who needs a bad friend forget about her don’t need trouble why make an argument just simply stop talking to her
3.find another best friend (:
4.if she complains just tell her what you felt when you saw the comment about six flags
good luck best wishes

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