Help! Need Online Resources for Treating Anxiety & Panic (Sometimes Extreme) and Depression.?

Question by queazy -: Help! Need online resources for treating anxiety & panic (sometimes extreme) and depression.?
Need online help treating (extreme) anxiety & panic, and treating depression.

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Answer by CHRIS
No. What you need is a journal. What you need is to keep notes the next time you get upset and time it and rate its intensity from one to ten. That means writing down something like “Now I am experiencing major anxiety.” (6:04 P.M. and it’s an 8 right now) And you just keep making notes to yourself while sitting quietly and watching it go through its cycle within you. “Now I am feeling very disconnected to society and even my friends.” (6:17 P.M. and it’s still an 8) And you tell your subconscious to “Stay.” That means stay with the feelings you are experiencing and stop trying to run away from them while they are happening. “Now I am experiencing uneasiness and wish I could call someone just to talk…” (6:25 P.M. and it has dropped to a 6) Those feelings you have when you are anxious or upset are trying to tell you something. With me it was because I had too high a caffeine level. I cut my coffee intake in half and my anxiety went away. No more panic attacks. It was the caffeine. “Now I am uncomfortable just sitting here. I feel weak and I want to stand up and run out of the house.” (6:42 P.M. and it is now about down to a 5) The more you get into and watch this anxious feeling the more you get to understand it and the more you understand it the less of a hold it will have on you. By timing it, you eventually see a pattern and get an idea of how long it will last and that helps you pace yourself while you recover from it each time. “I am feeling a little better, still frightened and isolated but not so upset I can’t think any more.” (6:56 P.M. and it is now a 3) If you will train yourself to step out of the river when it gets all jammed up with logs (anxiety; panic) and come over here with the rest of us and just watch the river trying to sort the logs so it can flow again… you do not have to participate every time you get upset… you can come over here and sit on the river bank with the rest of us and just watch the logs untangle themselves. “I am starting to breathe normally again; it is coming very slowly, but I do feel a little better.” (7:04 P.M. and it is a stubborn 2 right now) And you watch the adrenalin dissolve, and you begin to feel a little more normal and centered. “I am not as restless and upset and my thinking is more linear and sensible.” (7:14 P.M. and it is still at a 2) You consciously focus on how you feel inside and think back to how you were feeling a little over an hour ago. Somehow that relaxes you a lot, because you can actually feel that you are beginning to be okay again. “I am at less than a 1 right now, it is almost over. I am almost ready for a cup of hot tea.” (7:22 P.M. and it is at less than a 1 right now) So now you have a new way to treat your anxiety. You can chart it, time it and rate its intensity, and before long the self-knowledge which you will have will make you strong enough to make some changes to your life to regain more control over yourself which is why you have been feeling anxious in the first place: the sense of loss of control.

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