Help Is at Hand for Island Homeowners

Help is at hand for Island homeowners
According to the 2013 MVC Housing Assessment, the Island weekly wage is 71 percent of the state average, while the median home price is 54 percent over the state average. The report also … Ms. Vincent estimates she's supervised upwards of 425 … Read more on Martha’s Vineyard Times

Burley to Study Need for New Airport
… is expected to be completed by year's end, with cost estimates for each site. The first site is next to Interstate 84 near I-84 and 1250 E. Road near the Interstate 86 Interchange. The site lies 18 miles from Burley's center and 12 miles from the … Read more on Twin Falls Times-News

Snell, Teague going in opposite directions
He sat last season with a concussion, which cost Williams a $ 25,000 fine when he criticized the league's policy. Coach's corner: When Williams and Thibodeau were assistants to Mike Krzyzewski for Team USA last summer in Las Vegas, they coached against … Read more on Chicago Tribune