Help? I Think Im Gonna Get Really Sick Soon?

Question by Sydney: Help? I think im gonna get really sick soon?
I dont eat fruit or vegies hardly, hardly drink water and hardly get anysleep. I dont eat breakfast or lunch what is going to happen to me?

Best answer:

Answer by ?CityNights?
You’ll end up in the hospital with either a very thin tube that pumps a nutrient sort of paste directly into your intestines (goes down either your throat or even down the nose sometimes) and you’ll have an IV drip of Saline probably which will hydrate you. They will have a dietitian talk with you, nurses will monitor you, doctors will freak out, they might even send in a psychologist to see if you have an “eating disorder”… Good luck explaining your way out of that one

Other than that, your overall health will decline, you will become grouchy and irritable, people will question you constantly to see if you’re “ok?”, doctors will run some tests, you won’t even feel like yourself anymore. In other words, you’re slowly destroying your mind, body, spirit connection as well as just your whole organ system…


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