Heavy Rains Across the Southeast Later Today Through Tomorrow

Heavy rains across the Southeast later today through tomorrow
At the Regional Rehab Center in Tupelo, MS, the current temperature is 66 and it feels like 66. Todays high is 79 and a low … over the next couple of days. In the Eastern Pacific, Tropical Depression Octave has winds of 35mph with a pressure of … Read more on Wunderground.com (blog)

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This year depression has taken over my life. I started cocaine to fill the emptiness and …. My husband has in a the Bell Shelter rehab last year from 5/06 thru 12/06 for drug and alcohol abuse and posession charges. While the the shelter for the … Read more on About – News & Issues

Recovering comedian's new book, 'Crash and Burn,' details his downfall
I had a whole new hour of material different from my special. It was about rehab, and it worked. People were interested. And the Stern show creates a family atmosphere. They see me and they want to hug me like I'm a cousin or something that just got … Read more on RollingStone.com

Drug Rehab Center Piscataway Develops New Treatment Programs for the Elderly
“Many older people suffer from mental illnesses such as depression, bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia,” George said. “We've found that older addicts tend to respond better through dual diagnosis therapy.” Another program utilized to help senior … Read more on Newsday