Health Highlights: Nov. 7, 2013

Health Highlights: Nov. 7, 2013
He recently had his brain scanned and evaluated at the University of California, Los Angeles because he'd been having symptoms such as memory loss and depression, NBC News reported. Dorsett told ESPN that he's suffered a decline in his quality of life, … Read more on

'We miss you… it's so hard without you': Husband's emotional plea to missing
'She's not been diagnosed with post-natal depression as yet, that's just what the symptoms show.' The civil engineer said: 'Lizzie, I miss you, the girls miss you. It's so hard without you here. We need you. If you want more time, that's okay. But … Read more on Daily Mail

Study explores bipolar in postpartum period
But a study coming out of Western is boiling down some of the specifics, suggesting women who suffered from depression prior to pregnancy should be monitored for manic symptoms, characteristic of bipolar disorder, in the postpartum period. While women … Read more on Western News

New Jersey Postpartum Depression, “Speak Up When You’re Down,” Testimonial – Sylvia
New Jersey Department of Health & Senior Services offers a number of postpartum depression and perinatal mood disorder help services throughout the state. Th…