Health Capsules: Childhood Obesity Predictors

Health Capsules: Childhood obesity predictors
According to researchers at the University of Illinois, the most significant factors contributing to a preschooler's childhood obesity risk are inadequate sleep, an overweight or obese parent, and a parent who restricts the child's eating in order to … Read more on Newsmagazinenetwork

Laura's Mobile Kitchen
In terms of other cooking experience, I also currently work as a part-time chef at an eating disorder retreat center in La Cañada. My ultimate professional goal is to work to inspire people to have a happy relationship with food through … I found out … Read more on Hometown Pasadena

Sundance Film Review: 'God Help the Girl'
Upon returning home, we realize Eve is actually in residential treatment for eating disorders and presumably other issues at a hospital where her unauthorized field trips are not appreciated. Nevertheless, she's apparently given leave to move into a … Read more on Variety (blog)