Hawaii Reef and Marine Biology


Hawaii Reef and Marine Biology – Dr. Cindy Hunter discusses Hawaii Reef and Marine Biology at Habilitat Hawaii in April of 2012. Hawai’i’s corals are important to its people. Back in ancient…


Operating room nurse prohibited from working after a drug rehab stint cannot
… issues, a federal district court in Connecticut determined that an operating room nurse was not qualified for ADA protection because he was weeks away from the end of a year-long prohibition—imposed during a drug rehabilitation—on working in an … Read more on Lexology (registration)

Drug treatment Omegaven that could save infants' lives not yet approved by FDA
Dr. Mark Puder of Boston Children's Hospital developed a treatment with a drug made with fish oil called Omegaven that he's been using to help reverse fatal liver disease in infants. Despite the drug's effectiveness, it has yet to be approved by the … Read more on NBCNews.com